Gideon Blue

Welcome to the Gideon Blue website  -  

A BIG HELLO for those visiting the site after hearing songs on JANGO / RADIOAIRPLAY, your support is much appreciated.

I produce Indie style Pop/Rock songs with Guitars being the main influence.

The site welcomes people looking for new music and also Publishing Houses looking for new tunes for Films/TV/Adverts.

HOT NEWS - March 2015!!

A collaboration of two songs between Sonic Minds (from Germany) and Gideon Blue has just been released on Soundcoud. A slightly darket sound with gothic/grungy style of guitars. I have added some additional music but mainly the vocals and backing vocals.  Hear the two new exclusive tracks on music player - for more Sonic Minds music please visit


Other News

Over the last year I have been working on new vocals for Star - based on somefeedback it was reckoned that they were a bit strained and weak in some places. Have also just improved the Drums with a new mix supplied by Oli Whitworth, which are sounding great - so mix has been finished sent yo be Mastered.

‘STAR’ will be sold and promoted under the headline song STAR – the EP will include the Songs ‘Move On’, “Summertime’ and ‘Girl in the Cab’ in one package – 

The EP is being scheduled for Spring and later than originally anticipated, but song is ready and now will be sorting out the packaging and marketing of the EP


Feb - 2015 Recently met a budding music in Winchester - We have had a few sessions and working on a song written together. This time I provide the basis of the music and Scott is providing lyriics and vocals. Now Enjoying the working on producing other songs rather than exclusively working on my own new music.

2015 is looking good for new material - so would be delighted to hear any feedback.