Gideon Blue

Welcome to the Gideon Blue website  -  

A BIG HELLO for those visiting the site after hearing songs on JANGO / RADIOAIRPLAY, your support is much appreciated.

I produce Indie style Pop/Rock songs with Guitars being the main influence.

The site welcomes people looking for new music and also Publishing Houses looking for new tunes for Films/TV/Adverts.

Over the last month I have been working on new vocals for Star - based on somefeedback it was reckoned that they were a bit strained and weak in some places. Have also just improved the Drums with a new mix supplied by Oli Whitworth, which are sounding great - so mix nearly finished and then will have Mastered within the next 2 weeks.

‘STAR’ which will be sold and promoted under the headline song STAR – the EP will include the Songs ‘Move On’, “Summertime’ and ‘Girl in the Cab’ in one package – 

The EP is being scheduled for 30 Nov - St Andrews Day. For those of you who know me this date has relevance. 


June/July been on music writing course - for more check out the Blog -      Music Writing   

Aug 14 - Now nearing completion of changing end to STAR and separated drum sequence so can be reviewed in the Mastering - urghh but I have a Gremlin where the Rythmn Guitars sound different a stye Drums were taken out the mix - oh the Irony !!!!

Aug 14 - Recently went to see the Eels in Salisbury - a very good gig, considering this was not a band I had heard much of. 

Its been a great Summer - see the lovely picture where I live - cue for a song !!!  - Summertime 



Nov/Dec 14 -  scheduled for release of STAR in January 2015 due to some last minute technical issues, but almost there

Just finished a collaboration with German duo called Sonic Minds - helping with vocals and added production on two song                    they wrote - Looking to release the song before the year end.  

I've booked to go and see Bombay Bicycle Club in early December and booked tickets for the Black Keys in March - love their guitar sound -

Went to see Bombay Bicycle Club - very good and only having one album did not realise the range of styles they had. Worth going to see.                

So Lots happening with new music by the end of 2014       Gid  :)