Gideon Blue

Welcome to the Gideon Blue website  -  

A BIG HELLO for those visiting the site after hearing songs on JANGO / RADIOAIRPLAY, your support is much appreciated.

I produce Indie style Pop/Rock songs with Guitars being the main influence.

The site welcomes people looking for new music and also Publishing Houses looking for new tunes for Films/TV/Adverts.


Over the last month I have been working on new vocals for Star - based on somefeedback it was reckoned that they were a bit strained and weak in some places. More info on      STAR - New Demo     Blog.  New version on the Audio Page

‘STAR’ which will be sold and promoted under the headline song STAR – the EP will include the Songs ‘Move On’, “Summertime’ and ‘Girl in the Cab’ in one package – being recent songs in last 12-24 months and a precursor to a new album being written where two songs are already at Demo Stage. Those who buy the EP will get a sneak preview of the new songs.

The EP is scheduled towards the end of the Summer.

Before then have been taking on feedback of song before I cut it and going to full Mastering of the Track. I'm a little stuck on whether I stick with a shorter ending or bring the chorus back in  and hence a longer finish

Feedback most welcome on what you think.

Once I know I then need to tidy up Drums with a professional producer along with Mastering the song 

 June/July been on music writing course - for more check out the Blog -      Music Writing   

Aug 14 - Now nearing completion of changing end to STAR and separated drum sequence so can be reviewed in the Mastering - urghh thankless task but nearly there.